This section is all about relaxing and unwinding. The aim is to help you find the right balance in your life and encourage you to switch off when you need to. This is so important for our wellbeing and mental health and it's often overlooked when people think about their personal development.

Rather than being lazy, doing nothing can actually help us be more creative and get more done in the long run. This section suggests plenty of ideas to fill up your free time and do what you love doing.

This section can help you:

  • Find the right balance
  • Get great ideas
  • Get more done in the long run
  • Completely switch off when you need to

Despite idiotic ideas like ‘lunch is for wimps’ and a view that inactivity is inexcusable, all the research seems to suggest that we get more done if we do less. This simply goes against what most of modern life is about though, so it’s time to take a stand.

In around 1 minute, you should be able to start seriously winding down.

How to Relax

As this section is all about unwinding, there are no Resources or Golden Rules, as that would kind of defeat the object here. I’ll just leave you to work out how you’d really like to spend all that valuable free time. Don’t stress about it though, as it’s all about letting go and unwinding. 

Take some time to consider what you really love doing and I encourage you to regularly do something different and give what you’re doing your full attention.

This is also the part of The Simplicity System where I get to merge in a lot of the home entertainment and technology ideas featured on the site.

There is one little exercise I'd like you to try as well, but it may seem a little odd:

Watching Clouds

If you can, try to put yourself somewhere where you can just watch clouds. That's all you have to do, just switch off and let your mind wonder.

When we allow ourselves to completely switch off, we allow our minds to connect all the dots behind the scenes and we're likely to experience some great flashes of inspiration. 

This can really make a difference when we're working on something or we have to make a big decision. You could also just head off for a walk with a notepad or digital device ready to record whatever pops into your head.

Like I've said in other sections, you're unlikely to receive flashes of inspiration while you're hard at work.

The Simplicity System

So to sum it up simply, if you want to really relax you should:

  • Work out what you love doing
  • Try new things
  • Focus on what you’re doing
  • Let go and unwind
  • Do nothing whenever you can

As you start to develop other areas of The simplicity System, I'm pretty confident that you'll start to really make the most of your free time. It's all about finding balance and appreciating that doing nothing can be just as important as deep work.

Your Relax Slots


TV is a great way to unwind but it can easily lead to procrastination if you’re just watching anything that's on and not really engaging with it. Watching shows you love is a bit different though and ‘binge watching' a series over a weekend is a great way to relax if you’ve been working hard.


This is a great way to do something different. Next time you’re out with friends, why not try somewhere you’ve never been before or a new type of food? Services like Trip Advisor are there to make sure you’re not disappointed.


It’s easy to surround yourself with great music now with all the streaming services out there. There’s so much to discover and just exploring some of the options presented on this site could start you off on some unforgettable musical journeys. If you’re out and about, why not try to catch some live music if you can? 


Do you have any opportunities to take part in any team sports? It’s a great way to get active and it will help you make better connections as well. You could also think of activities like golf that will take you outside.


Are there any amazing places around you? Why not get online and check or better still, just head out and see what you discover. It feels great to be out in the open and there’s often an opportunity to take in a bit of history. 


Forget all the nonsense about this being childish or a waste of time, as computer games have developed a lot over the years. It’s a great way to unwind and it often involves interaction with other players. You can usually interact with the story as well and be able to chose an approach or path that suits your style.


Watching a movie is a great way to unwind and focus your attention on one thing for a while. Trips to the cinema can also be social events. A lot of movies will also make you think a bit too, or offer some pretty good guidance.


Why not create something while you unwind? This could involve art, craft or writing and you'll propably feel pretty good when you’ve created something. Have a think about the possibilities, as this sure beats sitting in front of a TV.


This is not only a great way to unwind but it’s also a great way to improve and expand your world. There are endless options out there from amazing tales to textbooks. You could even consider comics and magazines you haven’t tried before.

Relax Blog Posts

Remember, you need to find the right balance in your life and switch off when you need to. Rather than being lazy, doing nothing can actually help us be more creative and get more done in the long run.