Why Diets Make Us Fat by Sandra Aamodt

This book delivers everything you need to know about diets and why they don't work. It shows us why they are rarely successful in the long run and explains how our bodies react to them.

Although it may be hard to hear that there isn't an instant solution, you should feel better about yourself when you've read this book.

The best thing about it is that it provides plenty of useful ideas and suggestions that can take on right away. I think this needs to be one of your resources as it's:

  • Written by an expert
  • Based on extensive research
  • Designed to stop you making mistakes

About Sandra Aamodt

She is a neuroscientist and science writer who also serves on the Board of The Center for Mindful Eating. She has also presented a successful TED talk and was previously the Editor in Chief of Nature Neuroscience. You can find out a lot more on her website www.sandraaamodt.com