Are You Using iCloud?

In short, iCloud lets you sync all your your Apple devices, store all your files and documents and quickly set up new devices. It also works on Windows and lets you locate and deactivate missing Apple devices. 

It’s hard to remember what life was like before Apple introduced this essential cloud service.

If you’re not using it though, you should really take some time to think about how all these great features could help you. It’s free, but if you need more room there are some very reasonable upgrade options that give you plenty of space to store all your files.


iCloud allows you to share all those essential resources, like email, calendars and to-do lists, between your devices, and this is pretty much essential now. It also lets you take advantage of Apple’s 'Handoff' feature that allows you to continue working on documents you started on another device. You can also get access to all your files and documents and you can sync apps that include iCloud features.

It lets you get the best out of essential services like 1Password and Pocket.

The main advantage from all of this is that you’ll never be stuck if you need something. You won’t be caught out by storing something on one device and you won’t need to think about transferring files and settings. I think this will be a lot more essential in future, with the introduction of more devices, and it’s something you should set up right away.


One of the main benefits of iCloud is the iCloud Drive. This is essentially a virtual folder that lets you store anything you like. It’s like having a portable hard drive connected all the time and you can set it up with the folders you want in order to make life easier. 

iCloud lets you store and access all your iTunes music and photographs.

If you need more room, you can upgrade your storage via the settings menu and there are some very reasonable monthly options available. This will probably be essential if you want all your photographs on the cloud, and you can pay a yearly charge to have all your iTunes music uploaded as well. This is perfect if you have devices like the Apple TV, as you can stream music and show off your photos anywhere.

Set Up

I think you really appreciate what iCloud can do when you set up a new device or restore an old one. Pretty much everything will be set up and ready to use right away and you can back up and restore through iCloud if you want to.

I can’t stress how much this makes life easier, as setting up a new Mac or iPad used to take a long time as you set everything up individually. 

iCloud also lets you separate your iPhone or iPad from your computer. You really don’t need to plug it in anymore and sync, and it wasn't that long ago that you had to do this just to use your device.

Overall, I think this is a great service that often gets overlooked. You can also access your account via the web as well, which is great if you’re using a work machine or you’re not at home. If you want to learn more, please follow the link below to the Apple website: