Discovering David Bowie

I think it's safe to say that David Bowie was unique. Always changing, always pushing boundaries and always interesting, there's a reason why everyone is so fond of him.

It wasn't just about the music either, as he delivered some unforgettable personas over the years.

From punk rock, before punk was even appeared, to jungle music in his 50s, he's pretty much done everything. There are some absolute classics in his collection as well.

As you'd expect, his back catalogue is a pretty mixed bag so you really need the right introduction.

There's a lot to explore, as a lot of the good stuff never appeared as singles. He also attracted some great musicians around him as well.


Ziggy Startdust

Ziggy Stardust album


Bowie Hours album
An amazing record from the '90s that's often overlooked

Station to Station

Station to Station album
There's some pretty intense guitar work on this one



Bowie Legacy album
Everything you need on one album


Reality Tour

Bowie Reality Tour
A stellar live show with some great versions of his classic songs


Ziggy. Stardust - The Motion Picture

Ziggy Stardust movie
The classic concert that's pretty much rock history


Strange Fascination

Strange Fascination book
This is widely regarded as the best Bowie book