Discovering the Rolling Stones

How do you describe the Rolling Stones? You could start by comparing them to the Beatles, but they're still going strong.

For over fifty years, they've been at the top of of their game and still fill stadiums around the world.

From rebellious, long-haired pop stars to rock royalty, it's been quite some journey. Despite some line-up changes, their sound is unmistakable and it's hard to keep track of all the hit songs. Some of their albums are pretty forgettable though and feel like they're just there to prop up a huge world tour.

This makes it hard to know where you should begin when it comes to their collection.

This guide should help you out if you're in this situation though and give you some great places to start. I suggest you jump right in, as you really need to discover them.


Sticky Fingers

Sticky Fingers album
County tinged and extra special

Bridges to Babylon

Bridges to Babylon album
Back at their best in the late '90s

Exile on Main Street

Exile on Main Street album
A special, sprawling double album


Hot Rocks

Rolling Stones Hot Rocks
The best way to discover the Stones



Rolling Stones Stripped album
Some old favorites stripped down to the essentials


Crossfire Hurricane

Rolling Stones Crossfire Hurricane
Let them take you through their story


The Rolling Stones 50

Rolling Stones 50 book
An essential interactive ebook