Do You Really Need a New iPhone?

With all the hype surrounding the launch of the new iPhone 7, it’s easy to feel that you have to own one. Everyone’s talking about it and Apple have positioned it as something you can’t live without, but do you really need one?

I thought it would be helpful to look at why you might have upgraded the past to help you work out if it’s worth it. Here are the main differences between the previous iPhone models (excluding the S models) that prompted us to spend our hard earned money before:

iPhone to iPhone 3G

Although the original iPhone was a beautiful device, it was very slow. The 3G also replaced the dreadful EDGE connection and pretty much made the device usable in the UK, where we enjoyed widespread 3G coverage.

It was also quicker, and this came in very handy when you used the new App Store.

iPhone 3G to iPhone 4

You only had to look at the Retina display to see the difference. It also looked and felt better thanks to a complete redesign.

The improved battery performance really made it stand out from the average 3G as well and swayed a lot of people away from Blackberry.

iPhone 4 to iPhone 5

Although the 4S introduced Siri, it really found its place on the iPhone 5 as it enhanced the new mapping and navigation features. The longer screen also made a difference and allowed you to store more apps on your home screen.

The new, smaller lighting connection would also make things easier and paved the way for some great new devices.

iPhone 5 to iPhone 6

The huge screen would make an immediate impact and it was a lot easier to hold. The iPhone 6 Plus would also make sure that iPhone users got the phone they needed.

You could immediately feel the difference as soon as you picked this one up.

iPhone 6 to iPhone 7

Um, it’s waterproof and you can’t use headphones. I honestly feel that the iPhone 7 delivers the least amount of incentive to upgrade out of all the iPhone models so far. It’s also reasonable to assume that there will be more than an ’S’ model next year as well, to mark the 10th anniversary of the iPhone.

It’s a little better for Plus users though, as there’s now a second camera lens that really makes a difference.

Overall, this is probably the hardest upgrade to justify. That’s not say it’s a bad phone though, just that it’s perhaps not as big of a step forward as the others. I hope this helped and it’s probably worth playing around with it in a store before you make your decision.