The New Apple Products

Rather than arranging their usual March event, Apple decided to simply refresh their website this morning and add a few new products.

I was quite shocked by what they unveiled, but it wasn't in a good way.

We have refreshes of existing products and more alarmingly, a regressive step backwards for the iPad. I can only imagine what Steve Jobs would have made of this and I'm very confused, as this surely shouldn't be what Apple are all about.

Here's what we we were given:

(Red) iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus

This announcement was nice, but I don't think it makes a difference to many people. I honestly think most of the people who would watch an Apple Event, or keep up with launches, would already have theirs and despite the good cause, it's a safe bet that the next one is only 6 months away.

The New iPad

While a more powerful 9.7-inch model that's a lot cheaper than the iPad Air 2 seems like a great idea, everyone is reporting that it's thicker and heavier. I honestly never thought I'd see the day when Apple took a step backwards in terms of design to make a product cheaper, but that's what they appear to have done.

 Photo: Apple

It seems quite obvious that they want to fill the void the trusty iPad 2 left behind and create a gap between the 'normal' and the 'Pro' models.

I would have expected them to do this without short-changing their customers though and I'm a little disappointed.

The Refreshed iPad Mini

While it's nice to have a slight refresh to this device, it's still pretty much the same machine that you would have received in 2014. I honestly don't think there's anything here to get excited about as it's overpriced, even before you take their 'Brexit tax' into consideration.

The Refreshed iPhone SE

I liked this device when it was announced last year, but it didn't escape me that it looked just like an iPhone 5 and felt a little bit out of place in their range. I honestly expected an update this year and I'm shocked that they seem to expect it to go another year in the same form.

Just the design alone makes this feel like a compromise and that's surely not what Apple should be about.

While I accept that this phone is aimed at customers who don't want something as big as an iPhone 6, surely Jony Ive is just itching to get to work on something that stands out.

Personally, I'm really concerned by all of these products as Apple seem to be overlooking the average consumer. They have already priced their professional laptops far out of most people's reach and reports seem to suggest that we should expect the new iPhones to be more expensive as well.

I think this goes against what Apple should be about because in the mid-2000's, every purchase, whether it was an iPod or a Mac Mini, gave you something very special for your money. Today's announcement just seems to deliver old, compromised ideas to those who cannot, or will not, afford their extremely expensive 'premium' products. 

Image: Apple