The Samsung Galaxy S8

This looks like a great phone and while I'm sure that it won't catch fire, I'm a little bit worried that everyone seems to be comparing it to the wrong iPhone.

When the S8 arrives at the end of April, the new iPhone is likely to be just over four months away and I think it's a safe bet that it will leave this one standing.

I was impressed that they beat Apple in the race to ditch the home button though and it will be interesting to hear how users react to this. The 'Bixby' voice assistant wasn't revolutionary though, but it will be interesting to see how they can make this stand out against Siri and Cortana.

They obviously made a great effort to assure people that their manufacturing issues have been resolved after the very public battery issues that forced them to recall their phones last year. I personally think this whole issue is behind us, as a company the size of Samsung simply couldn't afford to ignore the mistakes they have made and quickly rectify them.

 Photo: Samsung

The camera also looks impressive but again, it's nothing that can't be beaten by Apple.

The most exciting feature for me is the ability to dock it with a monitor, mouse and keyboard. I loved this idea when Microsoft demonstrated it at one of their launches, before they pretty much gave up on the market, and it just seems like the next logical step for smartphones.

I am aware that this could be similar to the way I always crave backwards compatibility on games consoles though, and quickly forget about it when it becomes available.

Overall, this looks like a great device but I still don't understand why Samsung need to essentially compete with themselves and release multiple models throughout the year. It's sure to be an easy decision for Samsung and Android users to upgrade to it though, but I don't see a standout feature that will encourage anyone to switch from other systems.

I think they missed a trick by raising the price to match Apple, as this could have given people the perfect excuse to ditch their iPhones.

There are also some great earphones included. It's just a shame they're wired, as everyone seems so keen to ditch these now for wireless flexibility.

We'll see what the S8 can really do on April 21st.

Image: Samsung