Great External Drives

As hard drives shrink in size and more and more gets stored on the cloud, you may be wondering why we even need external drives anymore. If something goes wrong though, you'll probably regret not investing in one.

It's always great to have all you files stored away safety and the drives below can really come in handy:

WD 1 TB My Passport Ultra Portable

A great drive for all your backup files. You don't need to plug it in and it's compact, cheap and reliable. You can also get an Amazon Basics case for it.

Samsung T3 250 GB External Solid State Drive

Although it's small and expensive, it's solid state so there are no moving parts. This is the perfect drive if you're going to be using it every day.

WD 2TB Elements Desktop External Hard Drive

This is ideal if you need lots of room and want to do things quickly. It needs to be plugged in though, so it's really one for your desk. It's also ideal if you need more room on your Xbox One.