Putting a Pound Sign on Your Time

I think it's safe to say that a lot of people have never really stopped to think how much their time is worth to them.

At work, our time has a clear monetary value, that's often clearly represented as an hourly rate, but when we get home this can quickly be forgotten.

Why not value your 'own' time as much as the time you 'give' to someone else? I think a great example of this is when we're choosing where we work, and the misleading psychology of value often comes into play.

How many people would choose to work over an hour away from their home for just a few thousand pounds more in their annual salary? More importantly, how many people would stop to put a simple value on the time they are losing, based on what they are bieng paid?

It's not just about saving time though, it's about making the most of it.

In our international, 24 hour world it's so easy to become unbalanced and essentially lose yourself in your work, even when you're not there. It's so important to find the right balance now, particularly if you have a family.

Do you think your kids will grow up with fond memories of that iPad you brought them, or the special family days out where you really connected?

Even a simple family meal together in the evening can make a difference and the same thing goes for our friends and family. Finding the right balance can also reduce the risk of you squandering these special moments because you're distracted, too tired to care or just plain irritable.

This isn't just about cramming everything you can into your free time though, as that can leave you feeling burnt out as well. This is all about balance and giving yourself some space.

While I appreciate that most people often have periods in their life where they have to work hard and can't ignore great opportunities, I honestly think it helps to take everything into consideration. There are also times when you may already have enough and can afford to take a step back.

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