Taking My Own Advice

I’ve spoken a lot throughout the site about the importance of shutting down and doing nothing whenever you can. It’s sometimes hard to follow that advice though, so I’m going to have to do something radical.

I’m about to take a complete break, which will involve shutting down everything to do with The Simplicity System for a few weeks.

It dawned on me recently that I haven’t had a ‘proper’ break for a very long time, so it was clear that I needed to make something happen. In addition to the work I’ve done here, I’m also developing a new online project that should appear before the end of the summer and I have a full time job to focus on as well.

This new project alone has involved a lot of late nights and early mornings for me, as well as a head full of ideas exploding all the time. I’ve also burned my way through multiple MacBook batteries in the last few weeks. This all meant that it was time for several weeks off work and a complete and utter shutdown to recharge.

This isn’t a pity post though, it’s just here to highlight the fact that a lot of us have things going on outside the confines of what most people class as ‘work’, so we need to be careful. It’s so easy to burn out and put yourself in a position where you’re never going to be able to produce your best work. 

As usual, this is all research for me so I’ll get some posts together about this whole process in the near future. 

I plan to be back here in July, so please don’t forget about me. I’m really pleased with the way the new project is shaping up as well and I honestly can’t wait to get it out into the world. If you miss me though, there’s plenty of things to go through on the site as you’re sure to have missed something.