The Future of The Simplicity System

A few weeks ago, I had a great idea and I’ve been developing it ever since. It’s based around a website, with similar themes to this one, and I’m really excited about it. This obviously means that you can expect some changes here though.

The main thing you’ll notice is a change to the schedule.

If you’ve been following the blog, you’ll know that I’m currently working to a weekly schedule, with one post a week and several ‘bites’ in-between. It would be hard to sustain this and create a new website, so this is likely to slip to at least a fortnightly schedule with ‘bites’ at the weekends.

This will allow me me to put all of my energy and attention into this new project.

The Simplicity System will also run alongside it when it's launched but in the long-term, a lot of it is likely to transition over. I’ll also be removing myself from the Twitter account soon, so it will just operate as The Simplicity System rather than Martin Robinson. I just thought I should mention this to avoid any surprises.

I'm afraid the multimedia content I've been developing will also have to be redirected into this new project to really make it happen. A lot of the ideas I had for social media are going to have to wait a while as well.

In addition to all of this, I’m going to have to take a summer break in a few weeks, but I’ll let you all know when this is about to happen. I’m afraid you’ll also notice a lot of gaps on social media over the next few months, but this simply has to happen to make this new project amazing. 

I can’t wait to tell everyone about what I'm working on but until the time is right, I’ll just leave you with a cryptic clue in the image above. 

Keep an eye out for announcements and please keep following everything here. Seriously, this new project will be worth the wait and you'll soon see why I'm so excited about it.