The Importance of Enthusiasm

It always amazes me when people try to connect with each other without any enthusiasm. I’m sure you’ve sat through robotic presentations before, or even had a simple conversation that just ends up being a bit awkward. 

Although it’s normal to have a few nerves, particularly when addressing a group of people, just letting your natural enthusiasm come through will almost always deliver a very positive result. It’s also a great way to put other people at ease.

You won’t always be selling a product, but it’s important to sell yourself. How can you expect people to be excited about what you're communicating if you don’t appear to be excited about it yourself? 

I genuinely feel that if you inject enthusiasm into your delivery, it will usually cover up any mistakes you make.

Try to use powerful, positive language, make general eye contact and smile. It also helps if you believe in what you're saying and just be natural. This is not only a great way to connect with people, but also a great way to inspire others.

If you ever experience a lack of enthusiasm around you, It can also be a great opportunity to lead others and show them the benefits of this type of approach.