The Most Important Aspect of Meditation

I often ask people to tell me what they think is the most important aspect of meditation. I'll then challenge them to do this within three or four guesses, and they never get it right. 

When I tell them what it is, it really blows them away.

I'm often told that it has to be sitting still, clearing your mind or relaxing, but it's a lot more effective than that. If you listen to the experts, they're sure to tell you that it's all about the 'snap back'. This is the point where you realise that your mind has wandered, and you 'snap' yourself back into meditation. 

It seems really straightforward, but this is surely what it's all about. You'll also see the benefits in everyday life when you start to develop this type of awareness. 

The Most Important Aspect of Meditation

The 'snap back' is the 'muscle' you need to focus on training when you meditate.  

This is also an area that a lot of people struggle with, as the time you've taken to sit down and meditate can be wasted if your mind goes its own way. When this happens, you're also likely to get frustrated which is the opposite thing to what you're trying to achieve.

Think about this the next time you sit down to meditate and you should soon see results.