The New Mac Pro and iMac

I was shocked when Apple took the extraordinary step of announcing that new hardware was in development this week. It was even more surprising to learn that we won't see one of the new devices until at least 2018. 

It seems so strange to be hearing this from a company that insist on surprising us at events with 'one more thing'.

If you missed it, Apple have just announced that they are working on a new Mac Pro and that we should expect to see it next year. They also confirmed that new iMacs are in development that should be with us later this year.

For me, it's another odd move that Steve Jobs would have surely hated. After the unexciting and evolutionary products they simply unveiled on their website last month, this move could be seen as yet another indication that they're getting desperate.

  Image: Apple

Is their current lineup of desktop hardware looking so out-of-date that they feel customers won't wait around to be surprised?

It can't be coincidence that Microsoft have started to produce some serious high-end hardware. I think they are now in the same space Sony used to occupy with their Vaio range as they give people a serious and stylish alternative to Apple.

Have Apple been caught out and are we witnessing the beginning of their decline?

I started to think that this could be possible until I remembered the Sega Dreamcast. This was a great games console but a lot of people didn't even consider it because they knew Sony's Playstation 2 was on the horizon.

Despite being over a year away, Sony cleverly used their reputation to keep people away from their rival. Like Sony, Apple will also benefit from getting their hardware perfected rather than rushing something to market and reacting to someone else's move.

I personally believe that Intel are holding Apple back at the moment and there isn't an immediate fix available for that issue.

So overall this may be a smart move, but I feel very sorry for the people who need Apple desktop hardware now. They're going to have to settle for something that's long in the tooth, more expensive than it was six months ago and that they now know will soon be outdated.

How long are people going to put up with this? 

Image: Apple