The Samsung Galaxy Note 8

Samsung have just launched their 'other' phone and if you're like me, you'll probably be a little bit confused. I personally think of it as a bigger 'S' with a stylus and a higher price tag.

Just to address the elephant in the room, this is the model they had to abandon last year as they kept catching fire.

This isn't their only problem though, as there's the small matter of a new iPhone that's probably less than a month away. I think it says everything that there was more press about the rumoured release date of the iPhone than the device Samsung actually announced on the day. For me, this pretty much sums up the mobile market right now.

I personally think that having two models released at different times each year doesn't do them any favours. Apple make it easy for us, as an iPhone launch really is an iPhone launch. That's likely to change in future though, with the expected enhanced iPhone 'Pro' and standard iPhone 7s but they will surely be announced on the same day.

I think the first thing people will notice is the rather meagre 64GB memory, but there is a slot to add more. I'd personally expect more for this price tag and Apple are likely to go big next month.

Samsung Galaxy Note 8

I think it's fair to say that the two main features of this phone are the stylus and the dual-lens camera.

At first, I didn't understand why anyone would want a stylus, as it isn't 2005, but I then started thinking about how useful an Apple Pencil would be on an iPhone and it started to make sense. This isn't the same type of product as an Apple Pencil though but despite its simplicity, I don't get why it's not an optional extra for their whole range.

The other notable feature is the duel-lens camera. This means that it's a step above the 'normal' iPhone for now, but how long will this be cutting edge? It could be even worse for them if Apple introduce a load of AR features in a few weeks.

Overall, I haven't seen anything revolutionary or anything that's going to tempt me away from Apple. I'm sure Samsung fans will love it though and feel right at home with the stylus.

Image: Samsung