The Xbox One X

Microsoft have finally unveiled their long-awaited 4K console, as the intriguing and mysterious 'Project Scorpio' becomes the plain old Xbox One X. It's not just a simple update though, as this is a powerhouse.

It brings the high-end PC experience into the living room.

Microsoft clearly weren't exaggerating about the capabilities of their not so secret project. This is something that really puts them ahead of Sony but as we've seen time and time again, it's not all about power in this industry. You have to give people a great all-round package.

Microsoft have decided to wrap this one up in the Xbox brand ribbon and make it as future-proof as they can right now.

If this was a brand new console I'd be worried. For starters, you wouldn't want to wait several years for developers to get to grips with it at this price. You'd also expect some great games to be available immediately and plenty of opponents to play online.

With this one though, you get the Xbox ecosystem and cross-platform Windows gaming thrown-in from the start. The biggest news for me was the focus on backwards compatibility, in the form of original Xbox games now.

This is quite something, but I'm actually a little frustrated. I've just thrown out a lot of my older games, that weren't 360 compatible, and this is clearly a huge U-turn.

Backwards compatibility wasn't part of their plans when they launched the Xbox One, so it honestly feels like an afterthought or an opportunity for a subscription package.

I'm a huge fan of backwards compatibility though and I think it's natural to expect all your old Xbox and Playstation games to work throughout hardware cycles. It should also be there for everyone in future, in case they change their minds or discover something special.

I honestly don't agree with the previous suggestions that users aren't interested in it. I think it's more likely that they just don't want to plug in an old console via a Scart lead. 

The Xbox One X should also be around for a while. It looks like VR can be easily, but not cheaply, integrated if it needs to be and there's a lot for developers to expand into over time. I'll need to see the difference between games running on this machine and the older Xbox consoles before I'm convinced though. 

Xbox One X

I think the main thing that will hold this console back is the price.

People may want to stick with the cheaper alternatives if they don't have a high-end setup, or may even be tempted with a Switch if they want flexibility. Those that can afford it may also choose to spend a little more and build a very impressive PC.

It's going to be very interesting to see what happens over the next year but given the lack of any meaningful announcements from Sony and Nintendo at E3, Microsoft could have it their way.

Image: Microsoft