Turning Your To-Do List to Eleven

Most of us use a to-do list, or at least have access to one. These can range from a scrap of paper on your desk to a cloud supported app on your digital device. Whatever you’re using, the advice I’m about to give you should hopefully help you get a lot more out of it and only focus on what’s important.

You can also implement these ideas immediately and start making everything a lot easier.

Set up Four Folders

In the 'How to Start' introduction in the Plan & Organise section, I shared something that I consider to be the most important piece or productivity advice I can give. I’ll add it again here as it’s so important and I urge everyone to do it.

It’s simple, divide your to-do list into four folders: 

  • Daily
  • Weekly
  • Monthly
  • Yearly

This gives you a great structure that helps you focus on what’s important and worrying about things that don’t need your attention. It also helps you avoid an ominous and cluttered list of jobs that will feel awful to look at, let alone manage.

It also means that you usually only have to look at the 'Weekly' folder once a day and the rest once a week. As long as you keep on top of it, nothing should be overlooked either but things won’t take up your attention while they’re waiting to be done.

Go beyond Four Folders

While the Daily, Weekly, Monthly and Yearly folders are essential, there’s nothing to stop you adding more. I personally have an ‘Ideas’ folder where I can quickly capture my thoughts and transfer them to another part of my system later on if I have to.

You could also create a ‘Not To-Do’ folder to quickly capture things that are holding you back when you notice them. Obviously the type of folders you’ll use are usually unique to you, but have a think about things that can be helpful. 

Think about Using a Bullet Journal

If you’re using a physical to-do list, try turning it into a Bullet Journal. This should make things easier and give you a great foundation when you start making plans. You could even use Evernote to create a digital Bullet Journal if you like the idea.

Pick the Right Apps

There are plenty of to-do apps to chose from but I strongly suggest using one that has cloud support. Even if you only use it on one device, you can quickly restore everything if something goes wrong.

To make it easy, I suggest using the native app ‘Reminders’ if you use an Apple device and Wunderlist if you don’t. 

Good luck with all of this and keep checking the Plan & Organise section for plenty of other productivity ideas.