Two Important Words, Work and Success

I’d like you to pause for a moment and think about what the word work really means to you.

Is work something you have to do to pay the bills or is it a specific company or place? Could it also be a project that you’re really passionate about, or simply household chores?

There isn’t a right or wrong answer here, but you should be aware of any positive or negative feelings. When you think of work, are you filled with passion, resentment or a bit of both? It’s also worth taking a moment to think about what you’re actually working for. Is it the pay, is it about creating something or are you out to make an impact?

Now just take a little time to think about it and write down four or five words that represent what it means to do.

Now think about what the word success means to you.

Is success measured by the money you have, or the people around you?  Is it also about how you feel or how others view you?

Again, write down four or five words that represent what it means to you.

There are no right or wrong responses, as it’s all about how you feel about this. I honestly think it will say something about who you are though and where you may be heading. It would also be interesting if you repeated this exercise every three months or so to see if your answers change over time.