What's Happening with The Simplicity System

As you may have seen, there have been a few gaps between blog posts recently. I thought it would be helpful to explain why this has been happening, what I’ve been up to and where the site is heading next year.

In short, I’ve been very busy but it’s been in a really positive way.

Although it may look like I've taken my eye off the ball a bit, particular if you look at my Twitter feed, my attention has been fixed on things that are going to make The Simplicity System even better in future. I’ll also get to share a lot of it on the blog as soon as I get going again.

So what have I been up to? At the end of August, I started a new job that has rightfully taken up a lot of my energy and attention. I’m working for a charity so I have to take it very seriously, but this obviously means there is some crossover into what I’m doing here.

I’ve also be completely rearranging my home, Simplicity style. This isn't just a makeover, as I've set up a 'deep work room' and integrated a lot of home automation. The aim was to make a pleasant living space that helps me relax, remember things and get seriously productive.

There will be a lot about this on the blog next year.

So, while it may look like I've taken my eye off the ball a bit, I'm actually bursting with ideas. You can also expect some huge changes early in the year, and my new home office should also double as a podcast studio.

For now though, it's time to take a break so I'm about to enjoy a much-needed holiday over Christmas. I think everyone else will have a lot going on as well, so it's probably the best time to be out the way. 

Keep an eye out mid-January though, as I intend to hit the ground running. Big changes to the site should then follow.

In the meantime, I'll be working on a 'best of the year' post and hopefully deliver something from guest while I'm away. 

See you soon...