Why You Should Switch to Ecotricity

Ecoticity are a green energy supplier who are investing in renewable technology to generate our power from the elements.

I use them, but the renewable investment isn’t the only reason I joined them.

They actually offer fantastic customer service and have scored exceptionally well in surveys. I previously used one of the 'big' suppliers, who suddenly started charging me a lot of money and wouldn’t register my payments after a ‘computer problem’.

It took about a month before I could even get through to them, as their phones were always engaged and they didn’t respond to email. They had even started to send threatening letters, which I really didn’t appreciate.

This was horrible and stressful and thankfully, a far cry from Ecotricity. They have great people on the end of the phone and that’s what makes a difference.

I know if there’s an issue, I’ll be able to get help and get it resolved.

I honestly have no links to them and even thought there are incentive schemes, I didn’t want to use them here. It’s a company I genuinely believe in and I strongly suggest you take a look at their website:

They also offer straightforward and ethical pricing.

Image: Ecotricity