Will We Get an iPhone Pro This Year?

In the run-up to the launch of the new iPhone, there have been a few rumours that we will get a new addition to the range this year. If there’s any truth to this, you could have a choice between a standard, a Plus and a Pro model in September.

I immediately dismissed this but when I thought about it for a bit, it wasn’t that ridiculous.

Why It Could Happen

Without BlackBerry and Microsoft out there, just naming a new handset a ‘Pro’ model could really appeal to business users. The Pro category has also been successfully introduced elsewhere in the Apple range and has recently taken the iPad to another level.

An iPhone Pro could also be justified with just a few unique hardware features as well, like a more advanced camera or longer lasting battery.

I think there would actually be a market for a Pro model and anyone objecting to it would probably still buy a standard one. It could even have VR features like the Samsung range or something unique they want to develop. Dividing the range could help with this, as they wouldn’t need to produce as many units as a standard iPhone model.

Why It Probably Won't Happen

I think the problem with introducing a Pro model is that it can devalue the rest of the range. The iPhone is marketed as an expensive luxury and the best phone money can buy. It’s hard to see where this would fit in the range with another model at the top, especially after the introduction of the SE earlier this year.

Standard users would probably resent losing high-end features to the Pro users as well.

Apple are already having a few issues with their increasingly confusing product range so this could really be a step too far. A lot people may also be temped to see what Samsung are doing as well if they think they’re losing out.

I guess we’ll see what’s going on in September.