The Simplicity System is focussed on changing the way you behave in order to change the way you feel. You'll also be encouraged to take proactive steps to reduce stress and anxiety and adopt some very effective practices. It's there for anyone who would like to make changes, get more done or just make life a little easier. 

An overview of The Simplicity System

This website takes teachings that are often complex and hard to take in and presents them as simply as possible. You’ll be taken you on a journey as well, as you can create your own effective system. Everything you need to get going is right here where you need it and there are some great suggestions if you want to learn more.

Your Introduction

The primary function of The Simplicity System is to help you set up your own personal development system. It’s easy to do and if you really want to jump in, there's an assessment below that can help you work out what’s held you back before and what you’d like to change in future.

There are also introductions in each section that help you set yourself up and discover why these things are so important.

Imagine how it will feel when you've lost weight and look great, when you can run upstairs without getting out of breath or sleep better at night knowing that everything is under control?

This isn't just wishful thinking, it's all within reach. You just have to do the right things the right way and The Simplicity System can help you.

It's based around eight sections that highlight the key things we all should do

Clear Mind & Focus introduces mindfulness and meditation and encourages you to focus on one thing at a time. The aim is to help you feel better about yourself and let your mind do the hard work behind the scenes.

Get Active encourages you to get fit and be as active as possible. The focus is on identifying what you'd like to do and then creating effective plans to make it all happen.

Eat to Live can help you lose weight and develop a healthy long-term diet. The focus is on changing your behaviour and adopting some very effective practices.

Own Information is all about taking control of your technology. The aim is to remove distractions and get everything set up and ready to go when you need it.

Plan & Organise.jpg

Plan & Organise will help you get organised, at home and at work. The focus is on getting everything out of your head and into a system.

Be Ready helps you identify specific goals and the practical steps required to make them happen. The focus is on giving you a lot less to worry about and increasing your chances of achieving things.

Connect is all about how you interact with people. It focuses on the 'As-If' Principle and encourages you to make an impression and be unique.

Relax encourages you to let go and unwind. It focuses on the things you can do to fill your free time and making sure you get enough rest and relaxation.

These sections are then split into the following areas

  • How to Start will help you get going and there are useful exercises to get you started. If you've gone through the assessment, you can also use the information you’ve collected to help you. 
  • Your Resources are the books and apps that can really make life easier and push you forwards. There are plenty of suggestions, but it’s down to you to go off and create your own ‘bag of tricks’ for the areas you’d like to improve. 

  • Your Golden Rules are the things you need to remember and action if you’re going to get results. Like your resources, these are just initial ideas and you’ll be encouraged to create your own over time.

  • Your Slots are the things you do and you should think of them as the slots you’d add to your calendar. As you’ve probably guessed, the ideas in these sections are to get you thinking and help you work out what’s the best use of your time.

You can just browse through the site if you like though and there’s a blog with plenty of ideas for you. You should also keep checking back on everything, as The Simplicity System is evolving and improving all the time.

It's all free and there are no catches. This site is designed to give people a helping hand when they need it and get everything in one go.

A number of products are presented on the site though that can help you develop, relax or just feel good about. You don't have to buy any of them to use it but if you are interested, you can order via the links provided to Amazon or iTunes. Please use these if you can to support the site and all they do is take you to them, so there are no hidden costs or extra charges.

Your Assessment

If you're serious about making changes, the assessment below sets you up so you can get the best out of The Simplicity System. In around the time it takes to watch a TV show, you could seriously start to make some huge changes.

It's now up to you to take control of your life, work smarter rather than harder and feel better about yourself.

Remember, The Simplicity System is focused on changing the way you behave in order to change the way you feel. You can also take proactive steps to reduce stress and anxiety and adopt some extremely effective practices.